Mary F. Belmore

Associate Director | Sanofi Corporation

Mary BelmoreMary Belmore is the associate director of research and development and quality projects and support at Sanofi Corporation, a global biopharmaceutical company focused on human health. She has been with the company for a number of years and originally started working for it when it was Genzyme. In 2011, Sanofi purchased the company.  

Ms. Belmore has been in her current position for the past 15 years and established herself as an integral member of the company’s staff. Known for her strong customer service skills and ability to deliver exceptional technical services, Ms. Belmore is tasked with overseeing the documentation group used in manufacturing SOPs, and managing the archiving groups produced by the labs, as well as the stability group for all clinical trial testing in phases one and two. Ms. Belmore attributes all the success she has experienced in her career to her overall experience with the company and longevity. In the coming years, she would like to continue to assist the company in reaching its goals while continuing to succeed in her professional endeavors.

Interested in the health industry and desiring to make a difference in people’s health, Ms. Belmore entered the field more than 33 years ago. Her ultimate goal was to do whatever she could to provide people with a better quality of life. She has done just that through her work at Genzyme Corporation and Sanofi where she develops innovative health therapies for people afflicted with rare diseases.

Ms. Belmore is recognized as a strong leader in the field whose passion is evident in every project she takes on. Extremely knowledgeable about the industry and its processes, she is often sought after for advice and guidance.

Ms. Belmore earned an associate degree in business at MassBay Community College, and keeps abreast of changes in her field through her affiliation with the Society of Quality Assurance.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Ms. Belmore is charitably involved with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Saint Mary’s Catholic Church of Grafton, MA, and enjoys working out, going to the beach, and spending time with her family. In addition, she is a cancer survivor.

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